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Learn Development and Competitive Coding

Our step-by-step learning paths will get you started in web development, app development, machine learning, and competitive programming for FREE.
No more need to purchase any course.
No more wasting time searching content.
No more feeling lost due to lack of proper guidance.

You have come to the right place

If you are a beginner with no knowledge of development or coding
If you ever find yourself stuck at any point at any place while learning and don't understand what to do
If you need somebody to tell you what to study and where to study from

Step-by-Step Guided Learning Path

All we ever wanted when we were beginners in these fields was somebody who could guide us step by step. After putting great effort into our learning, we finally have the experience to create a one-stop place with some of the best resources to learn these topics for FREE. So, here it is, step-by-step laid out paths with tips, so you start learning.
Competitive Coding

Learn DSA and CP. Solve questions as you go and get guidance if you are stuck on our discord server.

Web Development

From basics, to frontend to backend. Do exciting projects that we have hand-picked, so you learn and implement more.

App Development

Build an app from scratch. Go all the way to connecting the backend to your app. If stuck, hop into our discord.

Machine Learning

We have tried to simplify the learning path for the buzzword ML. Learning ML cannot be easier than this!

Join Our Discord Server to get personal guidance and grow now.

Ask for anything and everything!

Exclusive Features

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Coding Bootcamp For Newbies

We have a soft spot for absolute newbies. For you, we will take the role of teachers, hold your hands and help you take your first steps into the world of coding.

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Placement Assistance Drive

Ask all your placement-related queries to IIT Alums, who know the ins and outs of technical interviews and work at top product companies like Microsoft, Samsung, etc.

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