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How to use this guide

About this guide#

This guide is written because we believe it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed by the plethora of resources present on the internet. We provide you with not just resources. Also, they have been organized in a specific order to help anyone learn competitive programming step by step, from the basics to advanced level topics. This guide covers almost all the must-know concepts for any competitive programming aspirant. The resources in this guide are the best available to our knowledge and selectively chosen from the internet. It not only gives you resources but tells you how to make the most out of it by having essential points and tips and tricks sections along with them.

How to use this guide#

It is recommended that you start at the beginning of the topic section and complete all the previous topic sections to have all the necessary knowledge needed for the section. However, you can always decide to skip the previous sections to come back to them later as and when required for your preparation.

There are practice problems after each subtopic in each topic section. It would be best if you solved all of these problems before proceeding to the next subtopic. These handpicked problems are based on the subtopic that will deepen your understanding of the subtopic.

Read through all the crucial tips and caution before continuing.


We have our mantra, 'iterate until perfect,' and we act upon your feedback. Every feedback you give helps us rectify our mistakes, improve our resources, include the missing topics, and more. We consider your feedback as the fodder that helps us grow, and for every feedback submitted, we will reach out to you on the same.

Submit feedback, especially if you liked any resource, disliked any resource, got stuck, have some suggestion or contribution to make. The feedback option is on the top bar.

About our Community#

We have a particularly unique community where you can post your doubts and learn alongside other aspirants. You will receive help for your doubts and guidance and mentorship whenever needed in our community, so you never stop learning. You can also share your personal experience and help others just as they help you. We encourage learning in groups of 3 in our community. To know more about our community features, join our community.