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Placement Assistance Drive

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Placement Assistance Drive#

  1. 🎯 Objective : Receive guidance and prepare better, smarter for your coding interview.
  2. ⌛ Duration : 1 month ( tentative )
  3. 👷 Daily Devotion expected : 2-3 hrs minimum

Who can join?#

Anyone who is preparing for a coding interview or plan to start his preparation can join. You will receive complete guidance on all aspects of preparation for acing coding interviews.

Features of this coding interview preparation boot camp#

  • Top level mentors guide you
  • Mentors will help you prepare the topics that are most necessary for acing coding interviews
  • Learn how to approach any problem, get that fear out of your head
  • Mock Interviews and Resume Checks


More About PAD#

This is a FREE Placement Assistance Drive, where you can ask all your placement queries to IIT Alums who have:

  1. Bagged Multiple Offers
  2. Work at Google, Microsoft, Samsung, and other top product companies
  3. Who know the ins and outs of technical interviews

They will:

  1. Answer all your queries
  2. Assist and guide you in your preparation with resources, mock interviews and resume checkups
  3. Share their valuable insights and tips

If ever you have:

  1. Applied for interviews but not getting shortlisted
  2. Been rejected in technical interviews
  3. Felt like your resume is just not enough
  4. Searching but find limited internship/job opportunities
  5. Trying and trying, but it is just not happening

Then this Placement Assistance Drive is for you.

Fill the form, and we will reach out to you, resolve all your queries and assist you in getting placed.