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Recursion and Linked List


You have already seen application of Recursion in merge sort algorithm, so you know it is definitely worth learning, there are many many other algorithms that deploy recursion, moreover unless you have a good grasp on this topic you will not be doing well in the DP section, it is guaranteed for sure. Here you have some of the best articles to learn and understand about recursion, don’t just sit still, start learning.

Q. Can you solve the Tower of Hanoi Problem ?


It is something you would have done if you did not have MyPathGuider, you would be exploring some resources to learn competitive programming, be disappointed that it was not what you were looking for, come back and start exploring some other resource. Hope you got some faint idea of backtracking, it is a brute approach to solve a problem, read more on it from these wonderful resources.

Linked List#

Linked List is an extremely versatile data structure, that is one step above array and vector in a way that it does not require contiguous memory allocation. It is a very popular topic for company interviews because dealing with linked lists involves taking care of a lot of corner cases and careful maneuvering of pointers, hence there is high chance of making a mistake. You seem motivated to learn, keep up the spirit and master this topic.

Operations on Linked List#

When working with linked list there are a few basic operations that are required to be performed such as insert, delete and search. Learn about how each of these are done from here.

Types of Linked List#

There are a few variations to the basic linked list, each of these variations have their own use cases and are applied depending on the requirements of the problem or situation, but first before you can use them you have to know about them, so go on learn about the variations available and add them to your inventory.

Q: Can you think of the differences between linked list and array? Now that you have learned about both the data structures it is about time to bring up a comparison between the two that will aid you in your choice of data structure for a particular problem.